Opportunity Knocks opened a new branch of the company in December 2008 called Reaching Out to Seniors.

We are professional, compassionate, companions and providers for all your non-medical needs.

We can help YOU stay in your home!

Mission and Commitment:

We're committed to making YOUR day-to-day living just that much better, so you can

"Shine in your Golden Years"

Our helping hand will ensure that you enjoy:

  • living your own daily schedule
  • living with your memories
  • living the quality of life you worked so hard for
  • living your best life
  • feeling safe and secure
  • your neighbourhood
  • your independence
  • your community
  • your freedom
  • your family
  • your privacy
  • your dignity

If You Need ....

  • Housekeeping ...done!
    We do all light housekeeping tasks
  • Meals ...done!
    We can help plan, shop, cook & clean-up
  • Laundry ...done!
    ... just the way you like it
  • Personal pampering ...done!
    ... facial, hands, feet, hair (wash, perms, colors, styling, barber), shaving
    ... We have abundant resources
  • An outing ...done!
    You choose the outing and leave the rest to us (banking, shopping, appointments, social visits, exercise, etc.)
  • Yard work ...done!
    Gardening, weeding, mowing
  • Companionship ...that’s us!
    We go that 'extra mile', just like a good friend would
  • Pet-walking & care ...done!
    To the groomers or to the yard
    We're there for you!
  • Minor repairs ...done!
    We have reliable resources for minor household repairs

About Our Staff

  • Our professional and courteous staff are what we call "natural helpers".
  • We are women and men who get satisfaction from helping others.
  • All staff are bonded and criminal records thoroughly checked.
  • We are trained in first aid and CPR.

We are a flexible, creative, caring and compassionate company of Companions!

If your medical needs are provided for, we can help with the rest.
We can provide the necessary services to help YOU remain in your home.
We can help! Call us!
902 864 - 8793

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