Case Management is essential for success in achieving desired outcomes for both the clients and funding agencies alike. Our Case Managers work with the individual and with those responsible for his/her care (stakeholders).

Objective: To ensure each individual secures employment whether entering the workforce for the first time or returning to work.

Research shows that clients value:

  • promptness in meeting the clients' deadlines
  • assurance that the Case Manager has the knowledge and skills relevant to the matter, is trustworthy and is credible
  • consistent and dependable performance by the Case Manager
  • understanding of the client's particular needs
  • professionalism reflected in the Case Manager's personal appearance, in attractive work product (resumes, cover letters, etc.) and physical facilities.

Many of our clients come with new personal challenges such as injuries, disabilities, diminished self-esteem and/or other barriers that do not allow them to participate in their previous employment. Some come for assistance in gaining competitive employment for the first time while others desire to re-enter the competitive job market.

Opportunity Knocks' Case Managers

  • totally understand that many job seekers often have a difficult time selling their skills and abilities. We advocate on behalf of our clients, particularly during the job search process and with funding agencies who may be involved;
  • minimize or eliminate the limitations and restrictions that have kept clients out of the competitive job market.

We involve all stakeholders and the right professionals in each personalized Return to Work Plan to ensure the individual is successful in returning-to-work. With a strong Case Management protocol, we are able to track our clients' progress towards their goal at any given time.

We can help diffuse the traditional interview setting through Advocacy. We often secure employment by advocating on behalf of the client.

Regardless of the situation that brings a client to us, we have the tools and the expertise to bring a "clear focus" to the job seeker's employment needs.

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