At Opportunity Knocks, we not only help you find employment, we also have the tools to help you save your job, if it's salvageable.

Once you land the job, you need to keep the job, if it's the job you want!

Are things not going well? Are you afraid you may lose your job because of difficulties with:

  • A boss or co-worker(s)?
  • performance?
  • time management?
  • keeping on task?
  • lack of training?
  • arriving late too often?
  • life balance and workplace stress?
  • Incorporating new duties into a daily routine?

Do you need the tools to turn an aggravating boss or co-worker into an ally? Or do you find it a challenge to incorporate your new work duties into your daily routine? Maybe you want to learn how to measure your own performance in the workplace?

Learn how to exceed your employer's expectations. It often doesn't have anything to do with your work! You can shine as a new employee!

With our help, you can turn it all around!

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