Why is it when we feel we aced that interview, we're not called back? Have you felt like you "blew your big chance" in an interview and you are the one hired for the job?

Understanding that the interview is a two way communication between you and the employer can help you diffuse those interview jitters. The interview is a forum to exchange information: it's an opportunity for you to learn more about the employer/company as well as a potential employer learning more about you.

Doing your homework and preparing yourself for the interview can change everything.

Opportunity Knocks will help you gain confidence, give you all the interview Dos and Don'ts, teach you to market yourself, rehearse with you the most commonly asked questions and boost your interview IQ.

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You will be amazed how different you will present yourself when you have the right information and tools.

So don't wait until you get a call for an interview. Get a head-start! Start your research and acquire the knowledge you are going to need for the interview. You'll be pleasantly surprised with what you'll find out in your research! Perhaps something the interviewer may not know!

Nothing makes an employer happier than to interview someone who's done some homework on the company you are applying to work for…. and it gets an interview off to a really good start.

Have you ever been asked in an interview, to talk about "a weakness" you have? I know I have, several times and almost everyone I've talked with have such a problem with this question. Perhaps you'll find this question easier to deal with, once you understand what the employer is looking for.

The employer doesn't want to know your weaknesses! They want to know if you are a 'problem-solver'. Therefore, if you just tell them about a weakness that you have and end it there, don't expect a call-back. It just won't happen. Even though you may be a strong problem-solver, you just indicated to the employer that you are not.

Tell the employer about a weakness and follow that with a solution: for example,

Weakness: "I just couldn't deal with my former boss who was always on my case"

Solution: I enrolled in a workshop on dealing with difficult people and situations and couldn't wait to go to work and practice this new found skill I learned. Within a week, I had the entire situation turned around. My former boss became my ally.

Ahhhh! Now that's what an employer wants to hear. You fixed the problem.

Have your scenario planned and ready before you get asked that question. It's an important one.

Here's another tip! In an interview, don't give answers that are outside the realm of the job you are being interviewed for. When asked about a "weakness", your example should be a weakness + a solution that is work related; always with no exceptions.

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