... is not for everyone.

Opportunity Knocks takes pride in the services it has provided to person with disabilities desiring to enter the competitive job market.

For the client who requires Job Coaching, there is often some preparation that needs to be addressed before the client can begin employment.

For example

  • learning to get back and forth to the job site. We will teach our clients in using the public transit system
  • preparing lunches
  • banking
  • tips for 'keeping on task'
  • appropriate dress for the work site

~ These are just a few of the many services we provide to our clients requiring Job Coaching ~

On numerous occasions, Opportunity Knocks has gone into the workplace to assist a client with many facets of a new job: such as

  • Learning the duties included in the job
    • We can go into the workplace and learn the duties of the job even before the client begins employment
    • We can participate in training our client in the new job
  • Problem-solve issues as they arise
  • Create a routine
  • Time management
  • Seek out 'natural supports' in the workplace (who are the 'natural helpers' in the workplace who will automatically take-over once the Job Coaching services have been completed?)
  • Help foster co-worker relationships in the workplace

There is no set time limit for Job Coaching. Some require a relatively short intervention, while others need more time to gain a comfort level in the new job.

Once the Opportunity Knocks staff has successfully transitioned the client into the workplace and there is a mutual agreement between the client, the Job Coach and the employer that the Job Coaching services are no longer required, Job Coaching services will cease. The Job Coach can be available to return to the workplace, should the employer request an intervention and the funding body approves a short-term intervention.

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