Did you know that more than 60% of jobs are not advertised. That tells us that applying for jobs through the Employment section of the classified ads in the newspaper and surfing on-line job banks is not the most effective way to look for work.

Jobs in the Hidden Job Market are not posted anywhere. These job are filled by persons who come to the employer's attention through employee or friend recommendations, referrals from associates, networking strategies and/or direct contact with the person.

In order for you to be referred or recommended, first you must learn how to network. We will teach you the strategies to:

  • arranging and conducting "informational interviews";
  • cold-calling;
  • watching trends in your area;
  • reading newspaper articles as possible leads to employment;
  • attending Chamber of Commerce meetings;
  • joining professional associations;
  • visiting job fairs;
  • joining a job-finding club.

We will help you create a list of employers and assist you in making contact.

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