Your resume is more than simply a one or two page outline of your experience and education with references. It is a document to get you to the Interview table; a passport to help move you through the hiring door of potential employers whether that be a corporation, a non-profit organization or a government agency.

Your resume should be a specially prepared sales presentation to persuade a potential employer that you are a viable candidate for the job.

Opportunity Knocks will help you showcase your skills with well written statements highlighting your work experience, life experiences, education and training. It needs to demonstrate your achievements, accomplishments and abilities.

Opportunity Knocks will help you develop a resume that responds to questions potential employers need to know about you:

  • What skills do you bring to the organization?
  • Why are you worth the money?
  • How are you better than other applicants?
  • How will your skills solve the organization's needs?

There are several resume formats and Opportunity Knocks can help you select and customize the most suitable format for your own experience and for the type of work for which you are applying.

Our creative resume formats are unique and they need to be, particularly if you are job searching through traditional means; i.e. internet job sites, the newspaper classified ads and other advertising media.

Employers tell us that our resume format "stands out" and catches their eye when browsing through stacks of resumes that are submitted for an individual employment vacancy.

"That's when we know a resume has done its job"

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