What is a Transferable Skill?

It's a skill that you have learned either through employment or day-to-day living, that can be used in other types of work. For example, the skill Organize and Plan Projects and/or Events can be used in many types of occupations, even though you may have only practiced this skill while organizing and fundraising a child's sporting event.

Not sure what type of work you'd like to do? Not sure what you're good at? Perhaps you have worked at the same job for many years and a change is imminent but you don't know what else you can do. Are you unhappy and need to make a career change?

These are all too familiar questions for many of us, whether we're starting out in the world of work or making changes in our careers. Making the switch is not always the problem but having a good sense of our skill sets and where they fit, can be daunting.

A Transferable Skills Analysis (TSA) can be the document that provides the solution.

A TSA takes into consideration not just the skills you acquired through education and work experience but skills you've acquired through your life experiences are added into the mix to present a well-rounded skill set.

A TSA answers numerous questions based on the responses you enter into a TSA database. You will be asked questions about:

  • Your Interests:
    What gets you excited?
    What do you do in your spare time for personal fulfillment and satisfaction?
    If you could make a living at doing your favourite thing, what would that be?

    A TSA will tell you what career areas correspond to your Interests.

  • Your Skills:
    Can Transferable Skills only be learned through work experience? The short answer is NO! We develop skills in all aspects of our lives and these skills are as deep-rooted and as transferable as skills we've learned through work experience.

  • Work Preferences:
    See which work preferences correspond to your interests.

  • Work History:
    Regardless of whether you liked your jobs from the past or not, there's a wealth of information from that history that can help create your path to the future. Included in a TSA is a search for occupations that are related to your previous occupations, using their common characteristics.

  • Occupations:
    The TSA document will identify occupations that fit the criteria you've selected. It takes into consideration the following:
        - the physical demands and activities of the occupation
        - earnings
        - aptitudes
        - work preferences
        - education
        - transferable work skills

    From targeted occupations, the TSA will identify the following:
        - a full job description of the targeted occupation(s)
        - workplaces that hire people to perform the duties of the targeted occupation(s)
          and their environments
        - a National Occupation Code of the targeted occupation(s).

Once you select one or more occupations that have been identified as a result of the criteria you entered, the TSA database will print out a report providing a job description, a listing of similar occupations, giving information regarding typical earnings, listing applicable aptitudes and providing information on workplace environments, physical demands of the job, required education and where you can take additional training.

A TSA Planner can be used to organize information about yourself, to make career plans, to plan your job search and to build your resume.

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